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shiba inu among the six original races of japan, and it is the youngest among them, with a strong homogeneous body.
shiba has movements that resemble flowing cats.
are body is the miniature version of Akita Inou, stubborn and smart, independent are the carteristics which specifies this creature
shiba inu was bred in japan for hunting birds but unfortunately this breed has become prois for pigs, currently has become a creature known worldwide
shiba is a name translated from brushwood while Ino ca means a dog in Japanese that is why all Japanese dogs have a common name -Ino-, Brushwood is also the place where all shiba inu was developed for hunting and hunting. collection of game and other prois of nature, this race with the same color of the fox
shiba inu has a strong physical appearance c is a nice dog with two layers one very very thick and rough and the other dense layers smooth and luxurious
Shiba Inu can grow 16.5 inches at arms level and can weigh up to 23 pounds at maturity.
shiba Inu is generally described as an intact and strong dog, because it is slightly longer in the body than it is large, but nevertheless, it is not a small dog.
Characteristics of custody and possession of offspring
shiba Inu shares several bad qualities with Akita Inoue,
for their training This requires a lot of socialization with other dogs at an early age, because playing properly with other dogs without playing the dominant role does not come naturally to them in particular. They can also be difficult to train because they feel bored They need an experienced healer who is used to train dogs of the dominant breed, which means that the first owner may need the help of someone with dominant training to help them.
shiba have a strong hunting instinct, care should be taken when going out and make sure that the dog does not pose a threat to others. They also have a strong protective and guard instinct, visitors must be properly introduced to the dog and the dog must be taught kennels appropriate for their guard instinct.
They can also be very annoying with their food and toys, a characteristic that is difficult to manage.
shiba personality ,shiba Inu tends to be suspicious of strangers, so be careful when you leave or when people come to your place. It is not the kind of dog that does everything possible to introduce itself to people they do not know and invite them to play with it as mentioned c is a dog wary of a single error of a stranger can make him injuries.
shiba Inu strongly associates his whole family and he will become very connected with the people who meet their needs. They need love and attention and participate in family life, otherwise they will be unhappy.
They like to get involved in games with children, but again, they may not accept friends of your children they do not know, so you should take special care in supervising the children around the dog at all. time, teach the dog to respect and teach children the proper behaviors About the dog.
shiba Inu is one of the oldest dog breeds and retains an appearance very similar to its historical form. Given their history and the vast sum of breed genetics, they tend to live quite a long time, with an age of 12 to 15 years, which is at the end of the lifespan of purebred dogs. pure as a whole.

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