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The orangutan is a type of monkey known for its intelligence, has reddish brown hair and the anangutan is currently found in Indonesia and Malaysia, and it is found in the tropical forests of the islands of Borneo and Sumatra , and fossils have been found in Vietnam and China for the orangutan.
orangutanThe orangutan monkey is the slowest of all kinds of mammals in the world to reproduce. Females reach maturity at 10-15 years of age, usually giving birth only once every 6-8 years.

Men live apart from the group, except when paired, as they have no sense of family responsibilities. The calamity reaches sexual maturity at the age of ten, and the gestation period is less than two weeks from a human pregnancy, and the female gives birth to a single baby weighing about 1 kg, and continues to breastfeed for a year and a half. The animal can live 25 years.

Orangutans lead a coherent and social life leading the way, and the male exceeds the size of the female twice as heavily. When the male weighs 77 kg, the female weighs 37 kg and the length is four feet while the female reaches half that length. Its movement is distinguished from the swinging of the arms to the suspension to hang both arms and legs. And the male grows in the puberty period, cheek pads that play pads that protrude or extend in front of what looks like imperative blinders (be on both sides of the horse's eye to look forward ). The face is flattened, with arms longer and stronger than the legs, and that with both thumbs, the big toe of the foot is short with a large degree without a nail. It feeds mainly on fruits such as mangoes and figs, as well as insects such as ants and bees, and sometimes by eating leaves and tree branches and lives in the tropical rain forests, Sumatra and the Borneo Islands.

The two species of orangutans are: (orangutans of Borneo and orangutans of Sumatra) are threatened with extinction. They disperse the seeds of the fruits they eat, which helps replenish the forests. their presence means that the forests are healthy. When their number decreases, the same goes for other plant and animal species.

The salabis live in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra on trees, moving between the branches, using their long frontal. Its short hind limbs are relatively weak. The calf's body is thin with no tail, but its neck is thick. It moves slowly on the ground and rarely makes acrobatic movements, so that when it continues, it behaves quietly unlike the other monkeys. The size of the male is around 1.4 m and his weight is between 68 and 90 kg, while the female is smaller than that.

The orangutan eats fruits that make up 60% of its food, and the orangutan generally prefers figs because it is easy to find, and other nutrients include seeds, bark, insects and bird eggs.

The orangutan is one of the quarrelsome animals of the great apes, and it spends almost all of its time on the trees, making the nest in which it sleeps each night of branches and foliage, and it is one of the animals who live alone, because males and females only meet during mating, but females travel with their young until they reach, and it is considered a day animal and tree where it can climb large trees, and when it takes an adventure on the ground, it walks on all fours.

The orangutan spend their lives in the trees, but because of the felling of the trees to make room for development, they descend to the ground, the traders take them illegally is weak especially the young orphan orangutan orphan, they use them in the sale of organs and parts of their bodies. Illicit trafficking in orangutans and other species of monkeys can be found in zoos or as pets in special groups.

The orangutan is threatened due to the removal of forests from its environment, and the orangutan is disappearing at the rate of (1,000) per year, and there are (7,000 - 9,000) orangutans of Sumatra have died in recent years.


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