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The hyena animal refers to one of the mammals that belong to the hyena family, and it can be defined as one of the coarse carnivorous animals found on the Asian continent and the African and is distinguished by its used to collect waste. The hyena is distinguished by its long hands and its neck And a strong shoulder to tear and transport prey, and in addition to having feet that do not get tired, it has a pointed appearance, its strong hearing and its sense of smell which allows him to locate the meat; it is therefore considered a master hunter, and all types of hyenas are characterized as being more or less starch overnight.

I-Types of hyenas:

  • Spotted hyenas: Spotted hyenas are distributed over relatively large borders, living in the sub-Saharan and especially sub-African deserts. They are the most common predators in Serengeti.
  • Brown hyenas: This species of hyenas is distinguished by its very limited spread, as it lives in South Africa, including the Kalahari Desert and the Namib Desert, and is found between the borders of Angola and Namibia and the Orange River in southern Africa.
  • Striped hyenas: are more widespread compared to the others, and live in the north and the northeast of Africa, the Middle East and along the north of Siberia.
  • Land hyenas: There are two independent groups of this type, one of which lives in southern Zambia, Angola and Mozambique in addition to northern Uganda and Somalia, while the other species are extend from central Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

II-Hyena pet food:

The hyena stands out as one of the types of wild carnivores; therefore, it hunts and eats meat, that is, it processes meat from animals that have died before; and the hyenas live next to the lions; The hyena is characterized by a solid jaw.
It also feeds on large animals such as zebras and antelopes, in addition to fish, snakes, eggs, insects, porcupines, lizards and jackals. Hyenas also hide excess food in water holes and eat all parts of the prey, including bones and hooves.

III-Hyena behavior:

Hyenas is a mixture between dogs and cats, although they are more like dogs. this animal behaves in its attempts to obtain food and to kill. it is also distinguished by many life characteristics, while some of these behaviors are mentioned in different types:

  • Hyenas are very social and live in groups called tribes; a tribe can reach 80 hyenas.
  • The spotted hyenas are more violent and dominate in the tribes, which means that all the females have a higher position than the males in the tribes. The brown and striped females of the hyena are subject to male domination in the tribes.
  • Hyenas meet to mate outside the tribe, where males and females of hyenas mate after several days of courtship display, and the female hyena animal puts a number of young hyenas ranging from two to four young after the gestation period of 3 months.
  • Female hyenas share care of tribe youth, and other tribesmen can also provide food for cubs
  • The eyes of the cubs remain closed for a period of 5 days to 9 days from birth. The cubs prepare to leave the den after two weeks, despite their dependence on breast milk for the first six months and care for one year, they leave the mother at the age of two and extend their life Hyenas have between 10 and 21 years old.
  • Striped hyenas are distinguished by the fact that they look at the tailings individually, but they are not more than 9.6 kilometers from the water hole.

IV-Are hyenas considered dangerous for humans?

One of the types of animals that pose a danger is the hyena, which is distinguished by its membership in predatory animal groups, and it is able to attack and kill large animals, in addition to the fact that spotted hyenas can kill 95% of the prey they eat .
The idea of ​​looking for food in waste should not be generalized, as this fact applies mainly to striped hyenas, which makes the animal hyena very dangerous for humans and may give a first impression that it is a victim, and despite this, some people have managed to establish a solid relationship with the hyenas. they are family members who learn to hunt and train hyenas, and these people depend on this work to earn money by applying their tips on hyenas trapped in cages


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