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house snake

house snake

It may sound crazy, but there are people who like to breed snakes, and for that requires special settings, and before buying it, you must be sure that no other person in the house is comfortable with it. with its existence, and things must be taken into account before Also decide and breed it as a pet, since they are carnivores, which causes panic in some people.
So, if you've decided to buy a snake as a company, you need to know some tips that will help you reproduce it before the rush to get it. Some of the tips for are:

1-Choose the house snake:

Beginners are recommended to start with non-toxic and small snakes in order to facilitate handling, example: corn snake and ball python and royal snake

2- Know the risks:

when we talk about the dangers, we are not talking about the bites here. Snakes, like all reptiles, can carry serious illnesses such as salmonella, which can make you feel very sick, and at this point, it will not be a good idea to have a snake present. In the same place with children under the age of five, make sure they wash their hands after treating the snake and that you also wash your hands well.

3- Understanding house snake:

Snakes, by their nature, are solitary creatures. They don't like crowds or loud voices, they are alone in the places where you live. If you intend to own one, you should try to manage it to a minimum. Whenever possible, like most, they are not the sensitive type, but rather need human contact for five minutes a day to get used to, they like consistency and routine in everything until 'to food, so you have to stick to the same routine for feeding, changing water and cleaning. The chariot.

4- The  environment for house snake:

house snakeYou need to create the preferred environment in order to live and thrive in it, which means keeping the temperature and humidity at appropriate levels, so you should always check the resources as a good maintenance guide, to find the correct percentage in which the temperature and humidity vary, and as soon as Know the requirements of your snake, then its time will ensure that it has an appropriate and ideal environment, and the heat lamp is an excellent solution because it is a source of heat, because you can only use half the tank, but remember that the snake likes cold weather from time to time, and that thermal rocks seem nice but in reality they are not safe It is sensitive to snake skin, but if intelligently placed side by side with a bowl of water under the lamp, it can help achieve the required level of humidity.

5-  house Snake also like to play:

Always hide and seek is the favorite for snakes, because they prefer the hidden part, in its natural environment, they like to hide under objects as a process of camouflage, so it must from time to time make it fictitious in order to be less likely to rot or carry ghost germs.

6- house snake Dîner:

Always be ready for snakes like real carnivores, and they don't need easy prey if a big snake needs real prey such as mice or rats, it's easy to get some of these mice in pet stores, in fact there are Welden mice specially for this.
Fortunately, many snakes accept dead prey, you can keep two different dead age categories or buy them in frozen packages, and it's important to keep your snake dinner completely separate from your own food.

7 - Good cleaning:

As for snakes, it is easy to clean them, because their diet consists of meat. If you coat the tank with newspaper, for example, it will help a lot in keeping the place clean. You can also keep a bowl of water. Clean fresh water at any time, even your snake can drink or shower at any time.

8- Hibernation or non-hibernation:

It is normal for snakes to go into hibernation during the w

inter, and this is an important thing that you need to know if you intend to breed someone. If you decide to let your snake hibernate, it is best to speak to an expert first for advice, you will need to keep the snake inside Cold and dark room, but you cannot leave the snake away and l 'forget, but you will need to make daily visits to check temperature and humidity, and keep fresh, clean water daily.
house snake

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