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ColugoWith too much competitiveness, the forests have become the home of experts.

 the colugo an animal like no other, a rare animal when it finds it in some country in Asia with its exponential form, begins to be in danger with all that the Asian people practice custom and nutricial tradition.

At the beginning, we will know who is this little creatur? his types? how to eat and of course discover its famous exceptional body unique in the world.

His creature which feeds on the grass needs to move from one tree to another and it can be move up to 2 miles in a single night thanks to the patagium - a membrane that covers its body -, the latter allows it to move easily at night.

Everyone believes that it is a flying squirrel but it is false! ! you can distinger it with the grouping of its hands and its feet and also its size which takes the shape of a kite, when it jumps, this creature and like the bats does not leave that night, flying lemurs or colugo represents the one of the two species of -Dermoptera-.

There are two types of colugo: 

-Galeopterus variegatus :the one living in indonisia, Thailand, malaysia and singapur sleeps at night in the middle of the trees rarely which lives in group, lonely mamifaire does not have an exact season of productivity, the female gives birth a single baby or two maximum after 60 days of gestation, the latter considered adult at the age of 3 years.
-Cynocephalus volans: it is the second type of colugo, this type there lives only in phillipines, like the other types like all the galleopithecus are nocturnal
their period of productivity c is in winter exactly between January and March, the female like the other types gives birth to a single colugo, during the first weeks the female carries the baby in the small pocket of her body.
The two creatures can measure 75cm in length (all organs included) and a maximum weight of 1500 g including the tail.
The only difference between the two mammals that Galeopterus variegatus its color is light gray compared to the flying Galéopithèque and its marbles are white.
Unfortunately and according to some association, the two races in phase of extinction seen the distruction of its productiovity and its system of life knowing well the Asian countries adore ate its creatures.
that is why, the world and national associations must take several restrictions in order to limit the extinction of these animals and among the restrictions;
- Ban all dishes that contain this creature.

- Put the animal in another country or continent to ensure its growth.

- Put restrictions to prohibit hunting and that each person contradicts this restriction risks a penalty or imprisonment

- Put up signs to avoid lighting the fire in the forest, where everyone who saw the fire should put it out or called the police.

- Create zoological parks.

- Implement programs for small children to make them aware of keeping their animal environment in shape

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