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arctic wolf

arctic wolf

The arctic wolf is known by several other names such as polar wolf, white wolf, snow wolf or wolf of the Melville peninsula, in English: (Polar wolf) It is scientifically known as: (Canis lupus arctos) A mammal is a subspecies of white wolves, but it is smaller than Gray wolves, whose size varies from about 100 to 160 cm, inhabit most areas of (Greenland, Alaska and parts of Canada ).

Information about arctic wolf:

In the life of this creature, on the edge of the polar lands, there is a strange contradiction, because the arctic wolf is forced to beg at the bear's table, and satisfied with what remains, it feeds on it, but in return, he can afford to be wrapped in one of the most precious furs in the world. Light, amassing and whitening in winter, and in terms of food and habitat, the polar wolf cannot honor itself at the same level, because it is forced to eat the birds and eggs at its disposal, rodents, crustaceans and organic remains of all kinds, just as he sleeps where he can sleep, provided he stays half asleep.

Arctic wolf productivity:

As arctic wolves lay eggs in late spring, ten or so puppies have gray-brown fur.

Polar wolf facts:

  • The Arctic wolf does not fear anyone and does not hesitate to infiltrate the reserves, or around the individual ice huts inhabited by the Eskimos. Under the burden of hunger, wolves steal all types of food and even a garment hides it.
  • At the end of summer, after the end of the serious hunting season, the wolf intends to shelter the hollows of the earth as supplementary food for the winter.
  • In the snowmelt season, it has happened that a arctic wolf gets lost on an ice raft, and most of the time it does not die by drowning, but rather victim of seas of eagles, or amber, the malicious predator.
  • It often happens that herds of Arctic wolves, polar bears join hunting trips, waiting for the remains left by the Antarctic titan, and it can happen that some dare, so close to the bear, that the latter n So don't hesitate to kill him.
  • Another arcticr wolf has a polar wolf, a great snow owl, one of the prowess with a terrible beak, a merciless claw, and even a quick escape does not help our wolf friend in his rescue from the attack of the ghost wheel.

Arctic wolves are made up of bundles that can include up to 20 wolves. The size varies depending on the availability of food. Arctic wolves are territorial land, but their land is large and straddles the land of other individuals. They mark their land with urine.
The polar wolves are believed to have evolved from a strip of other coasts about 50 million years ago. Scientists believe that arctic wolves were isolated in very cold habitats during the Ice Age. During this period, they developed the adjustments necessary to survive in the arctic cold.

arctic wolf

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