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american bulldog puppies

american bulldog puppies
american bulldog puppies

american bulldog puppies   is like all the other dogs faithful to his master, in spite of his physical aspect, the american bulldog puppies is close compared to other breed in United States, this breed can become very angry, if it feels that it is threatened or someone threatens his master.

american bulldog puppies have a courage aspect, and they can be trained easily although this breed was made at the beginning for the compost competitions after this last was banned in 1835, The american bulldog puppies became the 1st friends of the man, the closest people to his dogs are the kids and the children, on the other hand The American bulldog can turn against his master if the latter punishes him without reason, and among these characters good memory, willpower.

John D. Johnson developed the Bully type,. The first of the American Bulldog breed were registered by the National Kennel Club in 1970. their name was American Pit Bulldog. Then received the name of American Bulldog so as not to confuse them with the Pitbull. The American Bulldog breed has not yet been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. the French American Bulldog Club was created in 1999.

american bulldog puppies is a mix of pittbull and boxer, against The Britanian bullldog Puppies which is a mix of Masstef and China Bug.
american bulldog puppies does not need to do sports because he is a restful dog, he spends all day on the couch or in his cabin while sleeping, he does not consume too much energy, this is the reason why he should not eat too much during the day for it to keep its shape therefore you have to take good care of it like:
- brush your teeth at least once a day.
-If you want to clean your wrinkles with a damp towel before using them again with a dry towel.
- Must clean his eyes and protect them from any allergy.
-Paint his hair every day.

 american bulldog puppies despite its large body medium sized , remains among the dogs most loss of immunity, because it suffers from an allergy, lack of breathing especially in the summer, a skin allergy, problems of articulation of the legs and knees, viewing problem so some Congenital malformation.

american bulldog puppies needs a nutricion diet because it is  Prone to flatulence especially when he eats food that is not made for dogs, knowing that he eats his food without chewing c is why he has a degenerative allergy all the time
 american bulldog puppies life between 10 to 16 years their weight differs between femal and males:
-Females: 27-45 kg ; 54-62 Cm
 -Men: 37-58 kg , 50 - 71 Cm
-Origine : United States (Albama-Florida-Georgia)
-Color : White, Brindle, Tan, Brown,Red
-Caractere : Loyal.Strong,Kind, Freindly,courageous .

-The average gestation time is 60 to 70 days, or about two months. This duration varies from one breed to another and can be shortened to around fifty days depending on the case.Muste be take care of the kids .
american bulldog puppies

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